Engine Management

We can supply and fit stand-alone engine management systems to almost any engine.

These ECUs are popular replacements for the OEM ECUs as they offer complete flexibility in the mapping and set-up process. They also allow the addition of mappable ECU controlled systems such as water injection and cooling fan control.

These stand-alone management systems are commonly used when retro-fitting engines, such as the popular 1.8t into earlier models like mk1 and mk2 Golfs. This is mainly due to their simplicity and because of their infinite adjustment so the most can be gained from custom and bespoke engine set-ups.

Our experience over the years in the use, fitting and set-up of these ECUs comes from running them in our own and customers vehicles. This would be our recommended route when carrying out engine conversions.

There are a range of different ECUs available to suit your particular application and budget.

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