As an official Evolve dealer we can enhance the performance of your vehicle, without modifying engine parts, by remapping the engines electronic control unit (ECU) with Evolve technology.

We offer Flash mapping for a variety of vehicles including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen and many more. Re-mapping your vehicles ECU will give you a better driving experience and can improve your vehicles economy at a fraction of the cost of any other solution.

Prices start from £300.00 Please call today to find out more about Evolve ECU remapping, availability and booking.

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What is Chipping / Remapping?

The ECU maps are the instructions to the various engine controls. These include fuelling, ignition timing and boost control along with many other complex systems Changing these instructions means we can improve your vehicles performance, power, torque and fuel efficiency.

ECU re-mapping is carried out through the vehicle’s diagnostic port. In addition to this service we carry out a full engine diagnostic inspection on your vehicle to insure that all the systems are operating to their full potential.

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