Custom Hub

SD Autotech are able to provide fabrication services to meet any requirements.

Having a skilled and qualified engineer, we are able to design and manufacture parts for a specific application on your vehicle. This includes one off parts such as:

  • Tanks and bottles for oil catchment, fuel cells and breathers
  • Boost pipework and induction pipework in a variety of sizes and finishes
  • Custom exhaust fabrication
  • Roll cages
  • CNC machined products and one-off engineered parts
  • A range of finishes can be applied to suit your requirements. For example:
  • Electroplating (Chrome, nickel, cadmium, zinc)
  • Powdercoating and stove enamelling in a variety of colours
  • Glass bead and sand blasting
  • Mirror polishing of aluminium and ferrous metals for the plating process
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